Programming Projects

MatIB - Immersed Boundary Method in Matlab

MatIB is a simple 2D Matlab implementation of the IB method that allows students and researchers to solve simple fluid-structure interaction problems with minimal overhead. The algorithm employed in MatIB is described in Peskin’s review paper [2] and is an adaptation of the Lai-Peskin algorithm [1]. For clarity, we have limited the scope of our implementation and this code should therefore not be thought as a generalized IB toolkit. Instead, MatIB’s codebase acts as a foundation for further experimentation and extension.

[1] Ming-Chih Lai and Charles S. Peskin. An immersed boundary method with formal second-order accuracy and reduced numerical viscosity. Journal of Computational Physics, 160(2):705–719, 2000.
[2] Charles S. Peskin. The immersed boundary method. Acta Numerica, 11:479– 517, 2002.