Software Projects

MatIB - Immersed Boundary Method in Matlab

An open-source Matlab implementation of the immersed boundary method that was developed with Brittany Froese to solve problems in fluid-structure interaction. The software is available on Github. MatIB is designed as a teaching tool for learning the immersed boundary method and can serve as a foundation for further experimentation and extension.

PetscIBM - Parallel Immersed Boundary Method

A distributed-memory implementation of the immersed boundary method that uses the algorithms developed in my thesis. The codebase is being used internally at Simon Fraser University to study problems in fiber suspensions, particle sedimentation, jellyfish locomotion, and parametric resonance in spherical elastic shells. The software is written in Python and C++ and runs on Westgrid’s Bugaboo cluster. Videos showcasing PetscIBM are shown in my IB Simulations page.